Teams upgrade policies: What are they?

Skype to Teams

As some of you might have already seen, Microsoft has given us a bunch of possibilities to preparing our organisation for Teams. These policies used to be island, Teams only or Skype for Business ... Read More

Introduction to Windows Virtual Desktop

On September 30th, Microsoft officially released the general availability of Windows Virtual Desktop. This new DaaS/PaaS service of Microsoft could be a game changer for existing RDS environments but ... Read More

How to set up OneDrive using Intune

OneDrive Intune

In this guide we will explain how to set up OneDrive using Intune. With a mix of policies and scripts, we can easily set up OneDrive automatically for all enrolled devices. We all know a few ... Read More

The Retirement of Skype for Business Online

Skype to Teams

Yesterdag Microsoft announced the retirement of Skype for Business Online. Until yesterday, we could only guess this date. Now we know this date: July 31, 2021 (source: Microsoft) One thing to ... Read More

Checking the join method on a Windows 10 computers.

Checking the domain join type of a computer used to be easy (here was only one :)). We could to go to System Information pane of the Control Panel. Here we can find out very quicky to which domain ... Read More

Install Exchange 2016 with Active Directory Sites

Installing Exchange 2016 is one thing. Doing this in an environment with multiple sites demands special steps. If you have just deployed your server, you might not have thought about the fact that ... Read More