Azure AD Connect not syncing automatically


Setting up Azure AD Connect isn’t the hardest thing to do in our business, but for one client Azure AD Connect didn’t work as you would expect it to work.

The installation and initial synchronisation were going smoothly: the desired OU’s were synced, together with all the attributes. When changing an attribute and forcing a delta sync (I think everybody knows the oneliner “Start-AdSyncSyncCycle -PolicyType Delta”), the new value was correctly synced with O365. So my first thought: Job done, time to go back to the headquarters of Orbid.

After working a couple of hours for other customers, I still had to finish my documentation of the work I did in the morning. In need of some screenshots, I logged in into the O365 portal and what do I see: “last synced 4 hours ago”.

How was this possible? I have verified the setup, the sync and forced a delta sync without any issues. Checking the schedule (by executing Get-ADSyncScheduler), the next sync was scheduled 30min after the previous. So why is it not syncing?

After looking closer to the SyncScheduler, the issue was found:

The synchronisation was disabled. How did this happen? Honestly, no idea. During the installation, there is no option to disable the schedule (or not that I know of). Luckily, it’s pretty easy to enable this again: execute “Set-ADSyncScheduler -SyncCycleEnabled $true” and the Sync schedule is enabled again.

Important note: a week later I did a fresh install of Azure AD Connect for another client, and the schedule was again disabled. So be aware of this setting and I would suggest to double check it.


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One comment on “Azure AD Connect not syncing automatically”

  1. John says:

    I think if you install it in staging mode it disables auto sync..I had to just find your page here to enable my sync after activating a staging server. Doesn’t seem to switch to auto when you remove the staging status.

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