YeaLink RoomPanel

The Yealink RoomPanel is one of the dedicated Microsoft Teams devices for displaying meeting details scheduled via Teams or Outlook 365. Moreover, the panel is also enabled for reserving an ... Read More

15 reasons to choose Veeam over competitors

Hi In my daytime job as an engineer/consultant specialised in backup and disaster recovery I get often the question : why to choose Veeam over other competitors? Therefore my own top-15. ... Read More

Calling IDs via Call Queues

Calling IDs were previously available via the Caller ID Policies. Recently, a new feature was added to Teams where you enable your users to choose their calling ID via Call queues. I will show you ... Read More

Unprotected VMs – successful backup within the required RPO

Are all my virtual machines being backed up correctly and within the required RPO? Of course! I think..., or not 😉? Do I implement best practices in creating jobs? If using vSphere, ... Read More

10 tips in hardening your Veeam backup server

More en more companies are being a victim of malware, ransomware or even hackers. It is always important to implement the golden 3-2-1-1-0 rule (in detail explained in a former post of me - ... Read More

Unlink On-Premises AD Accounts with Azure AD Matches.

Yesterday I configured an Azure AD Sync to synchronize an On-Premises AD to Azure. The current Azure AD was already in use by the clients' daughter company. These users were cloud-only objects. ... Read More