Microsoft Intune Powershell preview releases!

Microsoft has finally released their Intune Powershell module! This was the third most requested feature on the Uservoice section of Intune (

Previously all the automation in Intune had to go through the Graph API. This meant creating an application in Azure Active Directory and connecting to the graph API for automation within Intune. The release of the Intune module simplifies this process!

With a simple command


you are able to connect to the API and start automation Microsoft Intune.

There are currently 1287 CMDlets available but I expect that will number to go up fairly soon. The preview can be downloaded through GitHub

There isn’t a lot of documentation on this module at the moment, using the built-in Get-Help function of Powershell will help you out a little bit. Documentation will become wider available when this module reaches public preview.

Microsoft has been announcing a lots of updates lately and Intune continues to grow!
Recent features include:

  • Support for Win32 Apps (finally!)
  • Configuration of the Outlook app
  • Extensions of the Android For Enterprise capabilities
  • Device compliance based on installed apps
  • The new Microsoft 365 Device Management portal (which has a pretty cool dashboard that gives you a nice overview of the current situation in your Enterprise)

    Microsoft 365 Device Management Portal

    Microsoft 365 Device Management Portal

I will get to work on a working example of the Intune Powershell Module and will update this blog when it is available.

Stay tuned!

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